Dentist’s moral duty lies in giving a new perspective to all the kids and adults about visiting their dentist more often which makes them feel excited about their dental health. That sets a pace of creating a positive, fun filled and educational experience for both kids and their parents. Good oral health care hygiene carves its roots right from the beginning of the childhood where the parents make their children learn about good oral health habits that needs to be maintained and also as when they grow and become adults.

Dentists understand that every child visiting them is unique and derives a personalized dental care in a kid-friendly environment with an inspiration and education which is required to maintain lifetime providers of a good dental health. It becomes our duty to make beautiful smiles always and with this objective in mind, our dentists offer your infant an oral health exam, free of charge.

At Kids dentistry, every age-group child is dealt with in terms of their good oral hygiene and nutrition. Awareness programs for your kids and parents are being provided time to time so as to reduce the cavities as early as it can. Along with right diet and good oral care habits, regular visit to your dentist is being suggested always where there stands a possibility of detecting early signs of cavities, if any, in addition to, oral hygiene instructions and guidance for a healthy diet. The right nutrition and a simple fluoride treatment may be a sufficient alternative to a filling or restoration. First time visitors are required to make their kids sit on their lap for the “knee-to-knee” exam method where they are being treated by dentists in the comfort of their parent’s warmth. This treatment is set for toddlers wellness visit under age group of 1to 3 years. Teeth evaluation of kids become more prominent under the age group of 4 to 10 years, during the development and growth stages of the teeth, however oral hygiene instructions address the habits and prevention of decay when the permanent teeth starts growing in. Teenagers above the age of 11 years are encouraged to visit dentist more often as there stands higher rate of cavities due to frequent snacking, busy schedules and poor nutrition and mostly when their permanent teeth sets in.

Sealants are recommended by dentists to be placed in to prevent cavities. Sealant is a form of plastic material which is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay persists more often. Sealants protect the vulnerable spots where the decay emanating from plaque and food likely to persist. Application of a sealant is easier especially if it is painted onto the tooth enamel where it compacts directly on the tooth and hardens. Sealants secure your tooth surface from decay and act as a barrier, also protecting from plaque and acid. Children and teenagers are advised to visit their dentist more often in order to detect the possibility of developing pit and fissure decay, emerging earlier in life.

Cosmetic dentistry are an effective treatment where dentist uses various services ranging from tooth implant, dental bridges, fillings, gum disease, and many more. This treatment is given by your dentist in case if you experience cracked, chipped, misplaced or crooked teeth. It will also help to relieve the patients suffering from teeth related issues like uneven teeth, gaps between teeth, cavity, and decay. Latest techniques and advanced technologies are used for teeth brightening; teeth alignment and all the other methods used in cosmetic dentistry. Qualified and reliable dentists in Northville with a well -hands on experience give you a quick care for all your cosmetic dentistry or oral care hygiene needs which you are truly looking for.