Not visiting your dentist regularly can result in stained or blemished teeth. Are you suffering from the stained teeth? Don’t worry! Kiss Dental Clinic has the perfect solution to this problem.

We help you to get back the natural appearance of your teeth by using Vivaneers. This technique requires applying thin layers of veneers to hide the discoloration of your teeth.

In comparison to the traditional teethcoating, the use of Vivaneers provides strength to your teeth, as well as the alterations like changing color, size, or shape of the tooth.
Dentists, at Kiss Dental Clinic, will do a smile analysis, and suggest whether you need Vivaneers or not. Before starting the actual process, we will do a virtual procedure to give you an idea of how your teeth will look after the final process. You can choose the shade according to your preference or you can also choose translucent colors for a more natural appearance. This technique is fast gaining preference as one of the most efficient way to enhance your smile.